Advanced Kundalini Yoga

This workshop awakens the power insight and empowers a human being.It also makes one aware about the inner refined energies which can be harnessed and managed. This process leads to deep awakens of the inner existence. Makes one aware that the first house of the soul is the body.


This programmer leads a human being to live a perfect life of fulfillment with the deepest knowledge of the life force within the body. It helps one to live a perfect healthy life with the help of yoga, pranayam, nutrition and naturopathy . Harjit specializes in awakening of the kundalinini. She conducts workshop on kundalini yoga which are powerful and dynamic. She has been practicing yoga for last 23 years. Harjit has conducted many workshop around the world in the countries like Mauritius, Kenya, Paris, Us and London and many more.

The Eight Sense

This workshop is to enlighten a human being about all the chakras in the Body. CHAKRAS are the energy center of the body. Cleansing the chakras and balancing of these chakras can lead a puson to become aware of the higher seif.


Breathing is the most important ladder which help a human mind to ascension. A workshop with a lot of breathworks which serves awareness and ascension.
A whole day of different patterns of breathing can break all the negative of our life.

Wealth NLP

When you come in this human body it has needs to survive. A human being must use all his potential and abilities not only to discover himself but also learn the art of surviving successfully. A true spinitual being knows how to prosper simultaneously in health, wealth and spirituality.

The wealth NLP is a workshop which empower one to make sufficient wealth to survive happily on this earth.


Explore the mystical world of number. Discovery the power and the secret of each number of the universe. Number can guide you to a safe path to your own destiny

Telepathic Communication

A language of silence and inner power which can communicate without words, any where and with anybody in the world.
The workshop which take human potential to the higher dimension of this universe.

Past Life Regression

A unique session which takes people into their past lives and identify their patterns and habits . It also bring acceptance in the present life of people one in difficult to live with or deal with . It can even cure many chronic diseases

The Ultimate Reality- The Journey of the soul

The world is a reflection of your own self . Every human being come into the world with a purpose of evolution . we are all spiritual beings who hane incarnaled as human. Just the curiosity of knowing the self has brought us into this world. This retreat is to serve the soul’s purpose of connecting to the inner divinity and knowledge and attain the human in ones’s own self.

Yogic NLP

Harjit is a very practical teacher , who take the 1st level from the body and then with easeful and graceful postures, helps people awaking and harness the kundalini shakti, Having understood her own purpose to discover her inner self, she helps the seekers to understand the reason for human birth and the illusory play of this higher consciouseness.

The human mind and body can be beautifully programmed to evolve consciously through the 72000 nadis of the body. The nadis are the energy pathways of the kundalini shakti.

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